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Request: BG2-style portrait of feminine male


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1. Are you looking for original art, photoshopped art or a portrait edit?


Original or photoshopped art. Not a portrait edit, since I haven't found any suitable ones.


2. Male or female? What race, age and character class, possibly alignment?


That's anyone's guess...

Seriously, it's a male. Half-elf. His class is prostit-... thief, as far as the game's concerned. He's in his late teens, 19-ish. His alignment is probably chaotic neutral, chaotic good or neutral good. But it has no effect on his portrait, I'd say.


3. Describe the character's features (face, eyes, hair, clothing, etc)


He's what one would call a girlyboi. A very feminine guy. His facial features are quite feminine as well. His cheeks can be a bit rosey, but not required. He doesn't have a mustache, beard or stubble. His eyebrows are normal to thin and are ginger. His hair is long and curly, also ginger. His eyes are light blue. He's poor, so his clothes are just a simple shirt, I'm thinking indigo (dark deep purple) colour and slightly worn. He should have a simple entwined thin rope necklace, with black, pink, and green colour. He doesn't have earrings, piercings, tattoos, or scars. He wears a black headband over his forehead, a rather thick one in width, with his hair hanging over it on the side. There's no symbols, writing or markings on the headband.


4. What color preferences do you have (skin, eyes, hair, armor, clothing, etc)?


Mostly described in the post above. His skin is regular white/flesh colour. He's not been in the sun long enough to get a tan or anything. Ginger hair, light blue eyes, indigo shirt, entwined rope necklace with black, pink and green colour, and black headband.


5. Would you like a weapon, a spell effect or an item to be shown in the portrait? If so, what kind?


No, just the things I mentioned above. No weapon, spell effect or additional item.


6. What kind of a background would you like?


The interior of the Copper Coronet, most likely the brothel section. Perhaps a room with a bed, or the hallway there.


7. What kind of an expression would you like the character to have? Dangerous, happy, serene, mysterious, playful, sad, etc etc?


I would like him to have a warm smile, and looking quite seductive and/or cute. It's what he's used to doing.


8. Do you have a portrait you would like to be used as a model/reference picture (for pose, expression, looks, colors, etc...)? Post it here if you have!


I wish, but nothing I've found comes remotely close to what I'm looking for.


9. Should the artist post the portrait here, or PM or email it to you?


I prefer the portrait is e-mailed to me at: st.aionmodding@yahoo.com


10. Any deadlines?


No, but the sooner it's done, the better.


11. What game and what mod is this for?


Baldur's Gate II. An upcoming NPC mod I'm working on behind the scenes. It may be integrated into Soul Exchange later on.


12. Anything else you'd like to mention?


Any questions, drafts, updates, etc should be e-mailed to the address mentioned above. I'm more likely to read that quicker, as I don't browse forums that much.

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