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Is there a mod for the "final-save" bug? (BG1TOTSC)


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I am wondering if there is any mod for Baldur's Gate (with Tales of the Sword Coast) that makes the final save behave like the mission pack save. According to the game (when mission pack is selected from the single player menu) a mission pack save or a final-save can be loaded, and the party will be transported instantly to a new area.


This works for the mission-pack-save (the transportation into a new area at least, the map does not show the new areas by default, I had to do some "mconvert"ing on it (after renaming the main game folder) to update the map).


However, when loading my final save, no teleportation occurs. I am shown a movie and am left in the final area. I was wondering if research had been done to make final-save behave as intended.

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I found out that a mod designed to fix the bug may work by altering "FinalSave()". I used Near Infinity to look at some scripts and variables, and it seems that teleportation will only occur if the "MissionPackSave" and "MissionPackSave1" globals are both 0.


My final-save had "MissionPackSave" set to 1. When I set it to 0, loading the final-save caused me to teleport to the new area.


It seems "MissionPackSave" is set to 1 upon entering area 0146, I assume this is to prevent teleportation for anything that is not a final-save. But, it seems that whoever wrote FinalSave() did not reset MissionPackSave to 0, and therefore final-save does not transport the party, and instead acts as any other game saved at that point.

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After identifying the cause of the bug as the "MissionPackSave" Global, I decided to see what would happen if I changed the area script to set the global to 0 immediately before creating the final save, and then set immediately back to 1 right after.


The created final-save will now teleport to the new area when loaded, any other game saved in the final area (area 0125) will not automatically teleport. The only problem I have encountered is that final-save will now show the final area (rather than a black screen like mission-pack-save).


I do not know enough about modding to know if changes to a file can be combined with other changes to that same file, and since that area would likely be a popular place to edit, I am hesitant to attach the AR0125.BCS file from my override folder as a fix.


Perhaps someone with more knowledge about combining changes can make an edit of the AR0125.BCS file that will not overwrite or be overwritten by other mods.


The changes that I made:


In AR0125.BCS, find the line: FinalSave()


Change to be the three lines:





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i'm not sure about this... just guessing


I think that the original idea with FinalSave() was for it when loaded under mission pack to take the party to ToTSC before they continue on and fight sarevok. However FinalSave() also needs to retain the ability to when loaded under normal conditions to open up in the dungeon so that the party could continue on and fight sarevok.


I'm not too sure if there really is any good way to go about 'fixing' and have the dual location ability. also don't want any changes to FinalSave() to cause issues with the importanting of charname into BG2 as it is supposed to be possible with the loading of BG1's FinalSave into BG2.


I'll link this to the BG Fixpack workroom so that perhaps a few more ppl can see what they think about various solutions

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I tested importing into BG2. I have not seen any problems from my altered global final-save, though I am not sure what problems I should look for.


The only problem I have is that I lose max hitpoints when importing, but that problem seems to be universal.


I am not sure Final-Save was intended to have a dual location ability. The autosave made when entering the temple provides a backup. What I have read in the game seems to suggest that the purpose of final-save is to explore the new areas (and face a tougher final boss, but I have not seen any scripts that would toughen the encounter or replace the NPC with something tougher).

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