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BG2: ~smaller~ widescreen resolutions don't display properly


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I'm trying to play Baldur's Gate 2 at a resolution that A) doesn't look awful and B) doesn't "zoom" out so far as to radically change the game.


Using the widescreen mod, I can set the game to display at 1680x1050--my monitor's default resolution--and everything is absolutely perfect. But if I try to display at a smaller widescreen resolution, better suited to the game itself (like, say 1280x800) nothing displays properly. This is what I get:




I've tried applying the patch to both unmodded GOG installs and patched disc installs of the game, and always recieve the same effect. I'm running a 64-bit windows 7 w/ UAC turned off. Can anyone help me out with this?

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out of curiosity...

what happens if you change your desktop resolution to that of the resolution you want to use in game?


if your monitor can't handle the resolution you want for the game natively try using a resolution close to what you want for the game that your monitor can handle.



i have used widescreen before, but i've always picked the resolution that my monitor was set at. never tried to do smaller

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My monitor can display any resolution fine. Running the game from a 1440x900 desktop to a 1440x900 modded BG2 yields the same bug. I've also tried running the executable in various compatibility modes, most of which just cause the game to crash.

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