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Jaheira romance issue

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I'm trying to do the romance for Jaheira and I'm having a problem with the Galvarey confrontation at the Harper hall. He asks my favorite color then Jaheira argues with him on the validity of the question, he brushes her off then repeats the question but instead of giving me a choice of a responses it just drops off and the conversation ends. If I click on him its say he has nothing to say. I've encountered a fair share of glitches no doubt caused by the abundance of mods that I've installed but this one is very problematic and I was hoping someone would know what to do.


Also after having some initial trouble with this romance before, I looked up a walkthrough for it. This walkthrough mentions something called Shadowkeeper. What is that?




Edit: The problem has been resolved. I'm not sure what happened but I decided to remove the mod NPCs from my party as a test and I noticed their dialogue was inaccurate. Somehow all my mod NPCs were saying exactly the same thing. So I reinstalled them and they work properly now. Apparently the part that kept cutting out was a part where Ajantis was supposed to talk but with his dialogue screwed up it kept dropping the conversation. So if anyone else has a similar problem there is something to look at that might help.

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