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Certain Monsters Don't Give Experience


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It's been a few months since the last time I played Baldur's Gate - The Original Saga. Today when I loaded some old savegames, I suddenly ran into a weird problem: certain monsters don't give any experience points when killed.


For example, if I use the CLUA Console to create a Gnoll and kill it, it gives 35 XP. But when I try this with Ghast, Ghoul, and Battle Horror, they don't give any XP at all. Normally, when you kill a character, the text shows "Character - Death" then "The Party Has Gained Experience: xxx". With these creatures, it shows nothing when they die. I tried going to Durlag's Tower Area and kill a Battle Horror there, the problem still persists.


I have no idea what causes this issue. It's kind of out of nowhere to me. And it seems to have nothing to do with XPCap, or characters' current XP.


My game version is The Original Saga v.5521, with only basic mods like Unfinished Business, Baldurdash Bugfix...


I don't know if anyone has ever run into the same problem. Any help is much appreciated.

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Ok I figured it out. Creatures like ghast, ghoul, battle horrors,... are equipped with an undroppable ring which makes them immune to certain effects. One time I added the effect "Immunity to Kill Target" and that's the reason for my problem. Basically they are not considered "killed" when they are killed, so they give no XP. I removed this effect and things work fine again.

Though it may be not likely, if someone ever runs into similar problems, you might want to check for similar reasons.

Thanks guys.

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