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Having trouble with "Weapon Styles For All" Tweak in BGTUTU


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Hi guys,


I love the mods, however I am currently running BGTUTU and want to use the Weapon Styles For All mod so I can use grandmastery on my Cavalier KIt Paladin. However, after installing the mod and levelling up to level 3 so I get another point....it doesn't seem to be working. I can't distribute anymore points in the Two Handed Weapon style....


Is there some work around or fix?


Also, is it possible to do this hack for Weapon Proficiency?


Maybe edit the kit somehow?


Thank You.

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From the mod readme :

Weapon Styles for All

This allows all classes, not just warriors, to gain the maximum number of points in the various weapon styles. Some restrictions remain:

  • Mages are not allowed Sword and Shield Style (they can't use shields anyway).
  • Kensais are not allowed Sword and Shield Style (they can't use shields anyway).
  • Monks are only allowed Single Weapon Style.

Note: This component affects weapon styles, weapon proficiencies remain unaffected.


The mod doesn't allow to put more points in these weapon styles. 2 stars is max for weapon styles except Dual Wield.

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Huh, is this serious? There is no code to account for those extra points so you would get nothing from them. You can hack it with ShadowKeeper if you like but it's pointless.

Do you realize the difference between weapon STYLES and weapon PROFICIENCIES?

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Yes, don't be a jerk in your post. I was not a jerk to you.


The game has weapon styles like "Two Handed Weapons"...I want to max that out with my character.


If I use Shadowkeeper it will give me the bonuses from the extra stat points?

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Sorry if it sounded rude or I came off as a jerk but it looks like you're not reading what I said twice already.


The answer is no.


Two-handed Weapon Style / Single Weapon Style / Sword and Shield Style cap at 2 stars.


Two Weapon Style can go up to 3 stars.


It's all in the description in the bottom right corner when you're on proficiency menu (on character creation or level up screens) and click on the name of proficiency.


Also you won't get extra 1/2 attack for 2 stars (specialized) in a weapon type (Long/Short/Two-handed sword/Dagger/Mace/etc...) if the character is not a fighter (that includes paladins and rangers). For example a swashbuckler may specialize in melee weapons but that will only grant extra Thac0/damage.


What the mod does, for example, is allowing a mage to get an AC bonus (of 2) and 5% crit bonus by putting 2 stars in Single Weapon Style if you carry a dagger.

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Oh I gotcha. Ok, so I am not going to be able to do what I am trying to do. I didn't realize the Weapon Styles only max out at 2 points for everyone.


So even editing with ShadowKeeper, I cannot get the bonuses from Weapon Proficiency?


Do you perhaps know of a way to edit the kit or a mod which can do what I am looking for?

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I guess you want 5 stars in two-handed swords as a paladin? That's possible with ShadowKeeper and will grant all the bonuses since paladin (and the paladin kits) is basically a fighter kit. Even more bonuses if you installed a mod that restores true grandmastery because it was nerfed within BG2 engine (which BGTutu uses)


5 stars in in two-handed swords and 2 stars in two-handed weapons and your cavalier becomes a juggernaut.

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Haha ok. Thanks for the help, I'll just have to use Shadow Keeper then to accomplish what I'm trying to do.


Yeah, I used the mod to restore true grandmastery.


However, I'm also using Sword Coast Strategems and playing on the max difficulty, so I wanted at least one thing in my favor :p

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