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  1. It's not a contest but if you want to know every rakshasa I encounter has like 4 PfMW memorized, not inluding the scripted sequencers/contingencies, and I don't sleep every 30 mins to spam haste spells so I can get a lucky hit in before they recast it with casting time of 1, almost instant. Anyway the component is not working as intended on EE, it has been known for a while and no patch has been provided anywhere for it.
  2. Found out the hard way that this component wasn't working for rakshasas because rakring.itm (I guess it's an EE-only item) wasn't edited by modify_breach.tpa and apparently no one has made a patch for it even though it's known for a while? I'm not sure how the syntax works exactly but probably changing line 33 in modify_breach.tpa from LAF edit_item STR_VAR item=lich edits=patch_data END to LAF edit_item STR_VAR item=lich rakring edits=patch_data END would work? Eventually just add another line with IF ENGINE_IS ~ee tags~ LAF ... for the rakring.itm? Is there a repository of SCS patches anywhere besides BWFixpack? Gonna reference this post on SHS BWFixpack thread anyway.
  3. Good job on killing the nasty Balor! From this thread I assume there are issues with the "Take party equipment in Spellhold" component. Never used this component tbh, too much trouble for me.
  4. Hi I'm loving the mod, currently have Anomen for the De'Arnise keep, Nalia for the Thieves' Guild and my PC obtained planar sphere as a F/M. No bug so far but one point annoys me : When you have Viconia as the only evil member and she's the only cleric who qualifies for cleric stronghold you miss a lot of rewards if you don't read all the spoilers about who can get what. I think she should outright refuse to help the Talosans and game should resume with spawning another temple's leader/questgiver.
  5. Voted much like everyone else apparently. As for Minsc, change his racial enemy during transition to BG2.
  6. Not on the beta so I can't check but is the Regen spell using the regular Regen opcode or is it coded as delayed heal effects? Asking this because I know delayed effects tend to remain after death/resurrect, best example is Melf's Acid Arrow delayed damage
  7. Thanks for the generic unhelpful answer as usual Jarno the Imp. There's nothing wrong with the item or its effects. After some investigation I realized this only happens with cursed bows. Now I'm off to investigate if this is a product of the new EE engine (I'm leaning towards an after-effect of the automatic weapon switching when "weapon unusable"). Well nevermind, this also happens in original BG2:ToB. I can't believe this has never been documented, there might have never been any cursed bow in the vanilla game (AFAIK) but this can't be the first modded cursed bow? This is also true for crossbows.
  8. I've just encountered some weird behaviour on a modded BG2EE : From The Undying mod a cursed bow was added that modify some stats while equipped. However when the item is removed by a Remove Curse spell none of these 'While equipped" effects are removed even though I have totally different weapons equipped then. Is this how it's supposed to work? IESDP says pretty much nothing about the remove curse effect so I thought I'd ask here.
  9. I did waste quite a bit of time until finding this topic, thanks !
  10. That's just what irks me, how the mod maintainers responded to another white knight getting offended at virtual (and textual only) rape. How about they get offended about every book containing such scenes, or even better, the real rapists. FFS this pisses me off sorry for the rant
  11. This and also a whole mod component removed for ONE butthurt reaction!? How does the author feel about that?
  12. I don't understand the complaints about this abilty... assassins can do the same, so do arrows/bolts of biting and darts of wounding. The only issue I have with it is that it stacks with arrows of detonation (though I never use those anyway) for overpowered AoE poison. Edit : Some say it didn't work that way in original/vanilla game and my memory is weak on that since I haven't played it in a while but I'm pretty confident that on-hit effects always applied through stoneskin and likely mirror image too so you could always interrupt mages unless PfMW'd (elemental dmg and stun from celestial fury anyone?)
  13. Thanks for the tip kreso, I didn't know where to look to fix my game. Now I can take them liches without abusing PW:silence and lots of ranged attacks
  14. Small issue with the new clay golems' cursed wound : Remove Curse works fine to remove it but temple services don't recognize it as a regular curse and can't dispel it.
  15. Assuming both forums on same time zone you got your answer there in the first place. Moreover a simple "bg2 saving throws bug mods" google search and 4th result got your answer...
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