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  1. Hi I'm loving the mod, currently have Anomen for the De'Arnise keep, Nalia for the Thieves' Guild and my PC obtained planar sphere as a F/M. No bug so far but one point annoys me : When you have Viconia as the only evil member and she's the only cleric who qualifies for cleric stronghold you miss a lot of rewards if you don't read all the spoilers about who can get what. I think she should outright refuse to help the Talosans and game should resume with spawning another temple's leader/questgiver.
  2. Not on the beta so I can't check but is the Regen spell using the regular Regen opcode or is it coded as delayed heal effects? Asking this because I know delayed effects tend to remain after death/resurrect, best example is Melf's Acid Arrow delayed damage
  3. I did waste quite a bit of time until finding this topic, thanks !
  4. Got a compatibility question (issue?) regarding the now EFF'd up DVCL111.SPL (1 star in all profs at lvl 5 for fighters) - again. What about mods that change the weapon restrictions for divine casters (like a component in IR ^^)? Are the EFF files created at install time with these (lack of) restrictions taken in account or vanilla restrictions only? I also encountered an issue playing BG:EE where proficiencies are reset to 1 upon reaching lvl 5. Starting a BG2 (SoA or ToB) game doesn't cause that issue. Not sure how it behaves with BGT/Tutu but I guess from the feedback it has been tested to work fine so maybe it's just related to BG:EE and they meddled with the #233 effect opcode.
  5. A bug would be if you could. They are intended to work this way.I believe he means that the 2nd one is used up with no effect while the 1st is active. If possible it should prevent casting it at all.I'll see if the latter is doable. not sure. Done some (little) research about how Def/Off spins are handled by fixpack and BGEE : - Fixpack does it the same way as KR, you shouldn't cast another spin while another is in effect. - BGEE adds a new effect (321) that removes all the effects from previous spin and applies the new one. So without some TobEx addition I'd say it is impossible on the old engine, and then for BGEE the new effect has to be documented.
  6. A bug would be if you could. They are intended to work this way. I believe he means that the 2nd one is used up with no effect while the 1st is active. If possible it should prevent casting it at all. DVCL111.SPL is lacking AXE(92) and CLUB(115) proficiencies.
  7. Interesting read, thanks for the link. I guess I'll have to fight for a change in the "recommended/BWP install order" so the main component is installed earlier... My issue is with the Vampiric Sword, to which The Vault adds a summoning ability (plot related) via overwriting the vanilla one. With the current install order it was simply erased by IR, until I updated the mod to change Ulcaster Ghost dialog to reward with another resource... which created more compatibility issues with other BGT mods requiring the vanilla resource. So I'm looking for a way to leave that dialog reward alone while avoiding the IR issue. Change in install order would probably be the best so I could patch the new ability after IR done its work.
  8. Any plans to make the main component patch existing items instead of a massive copy of the itm folder?
  9. The last block of script.baf should probably be OR(25) for its triggers Current block :
  10. Just a small thing about a banter between Gavin and Dynaheir. He asks her to move because he's trying to draw a sketch of some tree... except I got this banter while inside the Cloakwood Mines ^^ Probably missing an outdoor check?
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