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Writing/modding for BG EE?

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Hello, Kulyok. I would have sent this through a PM, but according to the error message when I tried you're unable to recieve them.

I have just played through the resolution of the romance between Branwen and the PC using the BG1NPC mod, and I'm simply amazed at how well written it is. As someone else on the forums once said, your writing managed to take a character that I was totally uninterested in and make them one of the most interesting party members of the entire game.


My question is, if the baldur's gate modding community is revived with the release of BG EE (and possibly BG2 EE or maybe even BG 3) would you be willing to write for a similar mod, for this new game? Perhaps even add a more... "satisfying" conclusion to the Branwen romance tree, if you do?

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Hello, and welcome to G3! The board probably has anti-spam measures in place: as currently you've only got one post, they're asking for more before you can send PM's. I'm not sure, of course, but that's how it works at PPG. Besides, sometimes modders don't like PM's(basically, you're sort of forced to answer a PM while you are not forced to answer a forum post), so a forum post works best, either way.


I'm glad you liked Branwen Romance. :) As I understand, though, BGEE is just a "prettied-up" release of BG1/BG2: with some high-res textures, some new music, maybe a new NPC and a few new quests. Basically, they add a pack of mods and make it official. Which is certainly great, and I hope it will spark some more interest in BG series. But it's still up to every individual player or modder whether they want to play BG2/write new mods, and I am not sure how much BGEE will influence that. So... yes, I might just go and write a romanceable BG2 Branwen one day, but there's a large gap between "might" and "will". But I'll probably will get BGEE, try it, and who knows? Maybe it'll be so great we'll have hundreds of new mods in no time. But, again: "maybe".


Have fun playing! And, by the way, if you liked Branwen, some of it was written by Domi(and lovely writing it is), so I'd recommend her romances from IWD2 NPCs, if you haven't played them already. Salomeya in particular.

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I'm not getting BG:EE until we've got a working WEIDU, since I cannot imagine my BG1 journey without Domi's Coran, jastey's Ajantis and other guys and gals from BG1 NPC, not to mention Xan, Kivan, and Jaheira/Khalid banter. :) When I do, we'll see.

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