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Q: Will LoI make use of WeiDU?


A: Of course!



Q: Will I need to have the ToB expansion in order to play LoI?


A: LoI adds content to both SoA and ToB, but we will attempt to make sure you don't need ToB to use the SoA content.



Q: What sort of content will LoI feature?


A: Almost anything you can imagine; NPCs, quests, areas, kits, spells, items, etc. New music is just about the only thing which isn't planned.



Q: That's a lot of stuff! Why not split everything into seperate mods?


A: When I (NiGHTMARE) first concieved of the mod, the intention was to create something in the style of an "official" add-in expansion, with almost every aspect of the game expanded/improved.


Also, some of the content is so intertwined (e.g. a new NPC (who uses a new kit)'s quest involves killing a new enemy in a new area. This enemy carries new items and casts new spells) that spltting it up into several mods would involve having a large amount of duplicated content.


However, some of LoI's content is taken from mods which are/will be available in seperate mods. This includes the NPCs Kivan, Elai and Nasard, and a large number of the kits and spells.



Q: Fair enough I suppose. But are you concentrating on a specific type of new content?


A: Personally I consider Quests to be the most important aspect of the mod, though NPCs are a close second. Items and spells will probably recieve the least attention, though that's not to say that they'll be neglected.



Q: Which mods are you planning to ensure compatability with?


A: Quest mods are our main priority here. Unfinished Business, Sim's Quest Pack and The Plot Thickens should all work with no problems... and there may even be some additional content that's only available if one of those mods is intalled :).


We're aware of some possible plot incompabilities in certain NPC mods, such as Chloe and Kiara & Zaiya. Thse will be investigated and if possible resolved.


We will also attempt to ensure that LoI is compatible with the Big Picture and Check The Bodies.



Q: When will LoI be finished?


A: When it's done.

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