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  1. NiGHTMARE's NPC Beautification Pack features portraits done by NiGHTMARE and packaged by Icelus. They provide a series of alternative portraits for many of the BioWare NPCs.
  2. Version v2


    These portraits were done by NiGHTMARE. They provide a series of alternative portraits for many of the BioWare NPCs. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  3. Version v2


    This is a mod for Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale created by NiGHTMARE and Andyr that Idobek repackaged with a WeiDU installer. A large number of the Baldur's Gate inventory graphics (BAMs) were improved for the sequel, so this small pack puts them back into the original. It will also work with Icewind Dale, as that re-uses many BG items. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  4. This is the code I wrote for stricter school exclusions. IIRC it's actually modified code from Divine Remix: COPY_EXISTING ~spwi218.spl~ ~override~ // Ghoul Touch ~spwi313.spl~ ~override~ // Skull Trap ~spwi414.spl~ ~override~ // Spirit Armor WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 28608 // Necromancers only BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~spwi118.spl~ ~override~ // Chromatic Orb ~spwi325.spl~ ~override~ // Melf's Minute Meteors ~spwi403.spl~ ~override~ // Fire Shield (Blue) ~spwi418.spl~ ~override~ // Fire Shield (Red) WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 4800 // Alteration, Evocation; exclude Abjurers, Conjurers, Enchanters, and Necromancers BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~spwi514.spl~ ~override~ // Lower Resistance ~spwi903.spl~ ~override~ // Spellstrike WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 5120 // Exclude Illusionists and Necromancers BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING ~spwi722.spl~ ~override~ // Limited Wish ~spwi919.spl~ ~override~ // Wish WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 2944 // Exclude Conjurers, Diviners, Enchanters, and Invokers BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP ~^SPWI[1-9].+\.spl$~ ~override~ READ_SHORT 0x1e "exclusion_school" PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 64) THEN BEGIN // Alteration; exclude Abjurers WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 4160 // Exclude Abjurers and Necromancers END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 256) THEN BEGIN // Conjuration/Summoning; exclude Diviners WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 2304 // Exclude Diviners and Invokers END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 512) THEN BEGIN // Invocation/Evocation; exclude Enchanters WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 640 // Exclude Conjurers and Enchanters END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 1024) THEN BEGIN // Necromancy; exclude Illusionists WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 1536 // Exclude Enchanters and Illusionists END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 2048) THEN BEGIN // Enchantment/Charm; exclude Invokers WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 6144 // Exclude Invokers and Necromancers END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 4096) THEN BEGIN // Illusion/Phantasm; exclude Necromancers WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 6208 // Exclude Abjurerers, Invokers and Necromancers END PATCH_IF ("%exclusion_school%" = 8192) THEN BEGIN // Abjuration; exclude Transmuters WRITE_SHORT 0x1e 9216 // Exclude Illusionists and Transmuters END BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES Some of that ties in with changes to spell schools made by the main AR component. There's also some related code for scroll changes, and a whole mass of related code for creature changes.
  5. The damage bonuses are on top of the damage unarmed attacks do for any class, which is 1d4. Therefore: Level 1: 1d6 (1-6) Level 4: 1d8 (1-8) Level 8: 1d10 (1-10) Level 12: 2d6 (2-12) Level 16: 2d8 (2-16) Level 20: 2d10 (2-20) Level 24: 3d8 (3-24) Level 36: 4d6 (4-24) (For some reason I forgot to mention the bonus gained at level 36.) "Considered +1" etc has nothing to do with the amount of damage done; rather, it's the enchantment level of the weapon. What this does is determine whether you can hit enemies who are immune to weapons below a certain enchantment level (for example, they're under the effects of the spell 'Protection from Magical Weapons'.) (Note: it seems I forgot to give the 22nd level fist the +3 enchantment it's supposed to have, but all the others seem to be fine.) The monk fists are still blunt weapons.
  6. Any changes or additions to the monk's HLA should be just fine, since this mod doesn't touch the HLAs itself.
  7. Whoops, typo: "becoming invisible and immune to immune to all damage". It's in the .tra as well as above.
  8. There will be at least two series of new quests specifically intended for evil characters, as well as evil options for many of the others. There will even be new evil-orientated possibilities for a couple of existing quests.
  9. Actually, I have an Ilmater stronghold planned out, I just need to write the dialogue and code it . I also have a few ideas for an Oghma stronghold. Of course, if someone else were willing to do the neccessary writing and/or coding for a new cleric stronghold, we would more than welcome it - though needless to say, it would have to be for one of the existing DR kits. Oh, and regarding LoI, most of new NPC Jaina's quests will have something to do with the church of Milil (of course, that deity is only mentioned once during all of unmodded BG2 )
  10. Nope, but the plan is to eventually (read: not for a long time) add a few new cleric strongholds in Divine Remix.
  11. She reminds me of Alyssa Milano. EDIT: ah, apparently the portrait is based on Alyssa Milano .
  12. Yes, there will be an alternate route to Spellhold. It won't be through any of the organizations present in the unmodded game, howevever (though it will involve an existing character).
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