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Prime Requisite


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Are the prime requisites hardcoded? Is there a way to find out which prime requisite the multiclasses have without testing it?


The single classes are all straightforward:

*Fighter, paladin, ranger, monk: STR

*Thief, bard: DEX

*Cleric, druid, monk: WIS

*Wizard, sorcerer: INT


AFAIK it is only used twice in BG2: the Deck of Many Things (Star card) and one of the Hell Trials. Through testing with the Deck sometime last year, I found out that fighter/thieves has STR as prime requisite. I've looked through the SPIN spl files but haven't found the specific spell for the prime requisite bonus.

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Define "prime requisite." The bonus you gain from the STAR card is controlled by DOMT.DLG. The Hell Trials is TEARDOOR.BCS. The minimum stats for the different classes during character creation and for dual-classing are controlled by a few 2DA files (most of the AB*.2DA series).

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Thanks Wisp, I'll check those out. They aren't hardcoded then...


The "Prime Requisite" is the most important ability out of those abilities among the minimum stat requirements. In P&P AD&D 2nd Ed having 16 or higher in the "Prime Requisite" gives you a 10% XP bonus, but AFAIK this is not implemented in BG2 or BG1. Of course, in P&P some classes have more than one "Prime Requisite" but this wasn't implemented either.




Turns out I was wrong about monks, they get a bonus to STR from DOMT.DLG at least.


Ok, from what I can tell the Deck works like this:

*Fighter and Ranger multiclasses get +1 STR

*Cleric/Thief and Cleric/Mage get +1 WIS

*Mage/Thief get +1 INT




Turns out what I was looking for in the Hell Trials is actually in AR2905.BCS (in the unmodded game at least).


But this give different bonuses:

*Fighters, monks get +1 STR

*Paladins, rangers get +1 CON

*Clerics, druids get +1 WIS

*Thieves, bards get +1 DEX

*Mages, sorcerers get +1 INT


If I understand correctly multiclasses would get:

*Fighter multiclasses would get +1 STR

*Mage/Thief and Cleric/Thief would get +1 DEX

*Ranger/Cleric would get +1 CON

*Cleric/Mage would get +1 WIS

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