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What's this mod about?


It expands the options for bards and thieves. New kits, changes to existing stuff, new items...


Is it WeiDU?




Are the components optional?


The first, general 'remix' component is required, but the rest are all optional.


What game is it for?


BG2 with or without ToB, or BG1 Tutu.


What stuff from the unmodded game is changed?


Look in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2453


Original-game bugfixes are detailed in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2574


What new Bard kits are there?


Look in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2451


What new Thief kits are there?


Look in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2452


Have you changed the strongholds?


Not at present, though if there was a good idea there's no reason not to do something in the future. :)


Can we give the BioWare NPCs some of the new kits?


Idobek's NPC Kit pack (also available from G3) gives some NPCs new kits. The Adventurer from this mod was his creation, for example. If there is a kit from this mod that people think fits an NPC then yes, I will consider adding a component to kit him or her.


What new items are in the mod?


Look in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=2575


Anything else, please ask! :)

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