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RPGD: Announcing the Requiem Absentis Mod!


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Requiem Absentis is a mod by Starleaf for Baldur's Gate 2 that allows you to discover more about your foster father's past. The journey takes you away from Amn, west across the sea, to the Moonshea Isles.


While on the Isles, you will encounter new companions that will aid you during your travels, new adversaries that will get in your way, new quests to complete, new town and wilderness locations to explore, and of course, you will learn more about Gorion. And if all that doesn't tickle your fancy, yes, there will be a substantial material and monetary reward.


Find out the details at the RPG Dungeon message board: http://forums.rpgdungeon.net/index.php/board,69.0.html


Gorion's story is not over...

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