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My thoughts on bard HLAs


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In the unmodded game this is the Bard list:


GA_spcl910 Set Spike Trap

GA_spcl911 Set Exploding Trap

GA_spcl912 Set Time Trap

GA_spcl913 Evasion

GA_spcl914 Greater Evasion

GA_spcl915 Use Any Item

GA_spcl917 Avoid Death

GA_spcl918 Alchemy

GA_spcl919 Scribe Scrolls

GA_spcl920 Enhanced Bard Song

GA_spcl921 Magic Flute



I have not done any work on HLAs yet, but these are my thoughts on the existing spells:


- No Bards should get the thief's Trap HLAs or Greater Evasion

- The Fighter HLA War Cry may be appropriate

- Blades should get Whirlwhind and maybe Deathblow (Fighter HLA)s, but not the Greater form

- Skalds should get maybe Power Attack/Critical Strike (the one that comes first), Hardiness, Deathblow and/or Smite (Fighter HLAs), but not the Greater forms

- Acrobats could get Greater Evasion

- Kits with different songs (Jester, Skald, Dirgesinger and Gypsy) need new Enhanced Song HLA

- Perhaps variants on the mage 'Extra Level X spell' could be made for lower spell levels for Bards?


I'd also like to incorporate some new stuff and am looking at aVENGER's work in Rogue Rebalancing (if I can ever get hold of him) and some completely new ideas.

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