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GemRB on Ipod touch 4th g


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hi everyone!


I tried for hours trying to install icewind dale on my ipod touch with no success.


idevice: Ipod touch 4th gen running 5.0.1 jailbroken


1. I was able to install GemRB

2. i zipped renamed the folder to icewind dale.iwd and copied it to gemrb using itunes

3. launched Gemrb in ipod but No game files found under 'install a game"


help would be much appreciated.

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never heard of this problem. I don't see how it is possible to not show up unless the extension is wrong or it is not lowercase. can you get something to show up if you create a blank file with iwd or any of the other extensions?


if you have a way to read the error log yo can try the newest build. that will output all your documents to the console so we can see why it isnt being seen.

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Ok will try that thanks man.


wow. got it to install. looks like it wont recognize the filename has a space. had it originally icewind dale.iwd just renamed it to dale.iwd and it took it.


my new problem now is that all of my characters are invisible. back to the forums for a solution i guess.


thanks syntax!

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all of my archives have a space in the name. perhaps you has dome trailing whitespace?


are you using IWD from GOG? you will probably need to add another path to your config.


Edit: is it that you actually have HOW expansion? if so just change the gametype in the config to HOW

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