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[Icewind Dale 2] 1600x900 Resolution Fix

Seigar The Veteran

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This GUI fix is the same as Luren Fix for Icewind Dale 2 but for the 1600x900 resolution (Its just one level below 1680x1050).The tools that I used are DLTCEP and Paint.NET (Image editing).



I did only the Singleplayer GUI.











Extract all of the files in your Override folder.



PS: Here's some tips how to make your own GUI Fix for Icewind Dale 2 (atleast how I did it).


1: In DLTCEP (Edit>Images (MOS)) find and extract (Extract tiles>Save as BMP) these files:

  • gactn118.mos (Party Portrails/Action Bar)
  • gcomm118.mos (Combat Log/AI Mode/Inventory... Buttons)
  • gucontb0.mos (Loot Drop)
  • GUDEATH0.mos (Death)
  • guwbtp18.mos (Dialog Continue Button Hide)
  • GUWBTP30.mos (Dialog)

2: When you extract them as a image format, add the resolution width you want (Example: http://imageshack.us...70/gucontb0.jpg).


3: To convernt the edited image to .mos file go to Edit>Images (MOS)>File>Load External Image in DLTCEP and find your image. After that in the same menu go File>Save MOS and after that File>Save MOS As.. (This is the only way how I manage to save them as MOS files. I'm sure there's an easier way).


4: In DLTCEP main menu go Edit>UI (CHU). Press the Load button and find GUIW10. There you can reposition the all of the buttons/slots/portrails... so it can fit your new UI Image (This is where you will spend most of the time). Here's some tips to save time.

  • Position - This will be the main thing that you have to change.
  • Select Control - There you can select each slot/button/portrail etc in the UI window you have selected.
  • Select Control (Button) - There you can see (visualy) what button have you selected from "Select Control".

5: Make sure you make backup of guiw10.chu (Override Folder) often, because for some reason it gets corrupted after using it alot.


I hope this helps :)

Sorry for my english.

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