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Mass .chr to .cre converter, a supplement to NI.


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Short story shorter: Andyr was wondering if there was a tool that could quickly paste the sounds from one .cre to another, and I mentioned that NI could copy and paste multiple blocks. I also mentioned that I had made a .tp2 that set some other options in a .cre that had been newly converted from a .chr by NearInfinity, to make it more easily editable.


Here's the instructions.txt:


"What it does:


CHRtoCRE removes a few leftover flags that are part of a .chr file, for easier editing.


These are:

- Export Allowed flag is deleted

- Sounds are blanked

- Portraits are blanked

- Script fields are blanked

- Dialog field is blanked

- Morale break is set to 5 (a default for many humanoids)

- Morale recovery is set to 60 (a default for many humanoids)



How to do it:


1) Convert any newly made .chr files you want as .cre's with NearInfinity.

2) Copy the newly converted .cre files into the CHRtoCRE "Start" folder.

3) Run the setup.exe WeiDU file.

4) Copy the newly super-converted .cre files from the "End" folder to wherever you want in your mod."


So anyways, he suggested I upload it, and here it is.




Okay, so I can't attach files here. Here's a link to the PPG post: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php?topic=17670


EDIT: I'll shove it here, too. Two sites are better than one.


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