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Tutu/BGT Spell Question


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I havent played baldurs gate for about 10 years and i've just bought the anthology- good times.

Im looking at Tutu or BGT, but, was wondering how the shift to the BG2 engine affects spells and other game assets (if thats the right word).

Are any lost in the process? Is it all now BG2 items? Or is it just the classes, and rules that are implimented. Also is difficulty affected?

(Im leaning towards Tutu if this matters)

Its just i dont want to break the game, i may just go vanilla with widescreen mod.


Really sorry if this is just noob spam. If it is, tell me so and i'll go away.

Thanks all.

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I enjoy the feel of BGT, EasyTutu, and the original BG1.


In Tutu, the items are converted from the BG1 originals. BGT uses shared items between the two halves of the game and I believe preference is given to the BG2 incarnation (so any Longsword +1 in the BG1 portion of the game would be replaced with a BG2 Longsword +1, but the item statistics should be pretty similar). You will still find the same items in the same places.


Weapons use the BG2 proficiency system, so your party members can no longer focus on Large Swords and conveniently swap between Longswords, Bastard Swords, and Two-Handed Swords (but BG2 Tweaks can change this back).


All of the spells from BG1 should be present in BG2, but some of them have been tweaked. Both BGT and EasyTutu use the BG2 spell system:


EasyTutu now uses the Baldur's Gate 2 spell system, instead of using converted Baldur's Gate 1 spells as it had in the past. In practice, this means much less buggy spells, and far less in the way of minor / cosmetic spell errors (e.g., spells assigned to the wrong school).


The BG2 ruleset means changes for classes and the addition of kits. Kits remain as they were in BG2, so some may be too powerful or too weak for certain parts of BG1. The biggest change to classes is the addition of dual-wielding. This is a powerful ability and it's insane that rangers get it for free. This does make the game easier if you take advantage of it.


I believe the monster spawning system also had to change with the switch to the new engine, and Tutu and BGT implement it differently.


I don't think any of these changes come close to breaking the game, but they do alter it. If you want to play new content, you will definitely want to use BGT or Tutu. The BG1NPC Project breathes life into your companions and takes the role-playing experience to the level of BG2. Sword Coast Stratagems can increase the intelligence of enemies and make the game anywhere from a little to a lot more challenging than the original BG1 if you desire.

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