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PPG: Xan BG2 NPC v10 - a Happy Ending Released!

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Xan NPC, a doomed enchanter from the original Baldur's Gate, is back with a happy ending for a romance that spans the entire Baldur's Gate saga, from the first meeting in Nashkel mines - to the final choice at the Throne of Bhaal.


Find out how Xan's parents met, ask him to become your Chosen, discuss pancakes, alternate universes, ice cream and much more. Make an omelet, go on a boat ride, find out what Xan was up to during the Time of Troubles and dream of cheese - or cherries in bloom. In short - have fun!


New in version 10:


- Xan's happy ending for the bonded path(SoA and ToB content, Readme, flirts, player-initiated dialogue, voicing, two new epilogues - and limericks!)

- Additional talks for the friendship and the non-bonded romance paths

- Additional encounter with Ricar in ToB, Chapter 9

- Reactions to the Longer Road mod(player-initiated dialogue)

- Russian translation for the new content

- Corrected the mod's .cre files(Thanks, Miloch!)

- Updated to WeiDU 231

- Minor corrections


Learn more about the mod and download version 10

View the Readme

Visit the forum

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