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Human male thief showing incorrectly?


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I've just started playing BG2 with ToB. No mods, only the suggested patches I found on google.


I think this is a bug with the game. In the game screen, a human male thief without armour shows up exactly the same as a human male warrior without armour. The inventory screen shows what I'd expect, with the hooded rogue model for the thief. When I apply armour to the thief, the game character model updates to match the inventory model.


This applies to NPCs (Yoshimo) and brand new characters waking up in the cells. I discovered the bug while trying to use shadowkeeper to change the appearance of my character to a human male thief. I'd decided an armourless thief looks better than an armourless warrior for a kensai character.


It's not a game breaker, but I'd like to find a solution if possible.



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