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Challenge: make VISIBLE rain on this area!


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THIS is a custom (modder-made) BG1 area. Actually it uses the tileset of a random encounter area of Baldur's Gate but otherwise its other settings are different.


It is an outdoor area and weather is enabled, but weather seems to have no visual effects on it!

To start rain, you use the LUA command SetWeather(1) or solve it via script: Weather(RAIN). The sound of the weather (rain,wind etc. sounds) works, but no rain graphics at all or the lights caused by lightning, and the area doesn't get darker when the rain starts. No visual effects at all.


Now I announce an irregular contest, it has no deadline. The first person who manages to make visible rain (= describes HERE how to do it, so anyone can repeat it on the area) receives Black Wyrm's Technical Cross of Modding.

Hint: the solution can probably be found in the area file or in the files that belong to it.

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