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Kivan Lovetalks at rest

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I hope the forum isn't dead... :D


I finished the Underdark quest and I'm currently in chapter 6. I can't seem to be able to trigger conversations with Kivan. I talked to April in Spellhold, Deheriana is dead (clua is set to 0) and my P#KivanLove is 17. P#KivanRomanceActive is 1, Offence is 5. I've always picked the options which I think were the ones that made my feelings clear. I've got most of the other talks, but not the romantic ones. Is there a specific spot and time I should rest in order to get lovetalks? I've tried resting in the forests that were unlocked after Underdark, but after too many hours I gave up. Am I too impatient or have I done something wrong?

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Your Kivan offence is too high, you shouldn't have his romance at active at all, it should be inactive, 100%, because there's a script that sets this sort of thing. Are you sure you didn't change the variables?

Also, he should talk in the forest of Tethyr, romance or not.


Basically, there are talks when you rest in the forest and there are "sweet" talks that happen during the day.


Try setting






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Oops, my mistake. PKivanRomanceInactive is 1 and RomanceActive is 0. And Deherianadies is 1, so she is dead.


Thousand thanks, those codes worked fine. When did I offend him so much, huh... Now all those sweet talks are coming, he became so talkative suddenly, hah.

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