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Diriel isn't talking?


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Hi I love this mod so far, Rizdaer's really weird but an interesting romance especially if you don't treat him like a female drow would. My question is though, I'm playing a female human (since I like playing as a human but I know that you can't romance him since I'm personally not overly interested in his romance) if it's normal for him to just completely blow the character off and not talk to them whatsoever?


It's working cause everyone else is talking but he "deigns to ignore my character" kind of thing (I wanted to play with him in it cause I've heard he has some hilarious lines in the game, like something to do with a tree?)

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Ah okay, Diriel was my concern but now that you've said that I feel less worried, thank you for answering my question. Also I was playing on, he communicates with the others so that's good at leastXD I have a human Mc as stated before, so that's the reason why he's not talking. sorry for not being clear, I was just making sure that it was normal for him not to talk to the main character if they weren't elvenXD Again thank you for answering!

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