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Ancient cosmetic bug - was it fixed?

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This is somewhat of a retroactive report, but nevertheless.


What it is: An annoying cosmetic bug, which seems to be caused by enemy Charm spells (and likely Dominate too)

How it happens: Under certain conditions when hit by enemy Charm/Dominate spells, a party member's foot circe will get stuck in the "action" state for the rest of the game. That is, it will continue to flash even when standing idle.


Encountered this bug for the first time in vanilla BG:TotSC v1.3.5521 (Original Saga) over 5 years ago.

My last encounter with a bug was in modded BG2:ToB v26498 with Bg2 Fixpack - v9 and some other mods installed. This was 3 years ago.

The bug happened about four-five times during that playthrough.


Two questions follow:

a) Is this a known bug?

b) Is it fixed by now?


Oh, and a third question to myself: Why, why haven't I reported this earlier?

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