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(Copied from an old post at FWP.)


I've noticed that the title of this mod seems to be confusing to many people. A number of the posts in this forum seem not to be referring to the Oversight mod, per se, but rather references to things the poster considers "oversights," and therefore believes should be fixed by this mod. These posts are better made in the Mod Discussion and Announcements forum. This forum is meant for discussion of the mod's existing components; it is unlikely that I will add more components to it (if I make more mod components I will probably make another mod). The Oversight Mod is named that because it's the best name anyone suggested for the mod; the name was never meant to imply that this mod will fix everything anyone considers an oversight.


My apologies if anything in this post seems harsh or off-putting. My concern is that by posting mod ideas here, you essentially guarantee they will not be made, whereas if you post them in the Mod Discussion and Announcements forum instead, someone may pick them up.

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