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The Oversight mod


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A lot of the alignment codings in Baldur's Gate II are, to put it nicely, insane. Good brigands and murderers. Neutral paladins. Evil actors, major-domos, Priests of Lathander, and other characters who are entirely helpful and friendly. The Alignment Correction component of this mod was written to correct these errors.


Additionally, in Throne of Bhaal, David Gaider created excellent Tougher versions of four members of the Five, which are most conveniently available as part of Ascension-WeiDU, located at Westley Weimer's site...but no Tougher version of Sendai, Throne of Bhaal's ultimate spellcaster. Already markedly weaker than her brother Abazigal, whom players could encounter before facing her, Sendai became the weakest of the Five when all existing Tougher versions were installed. The Tougher Sendai component strives to rectify this, making Sendai approximately as deadly as Tougher Abazigal.


Other components joined these later. The Improved Continuity component gives the final villain of SoA the same soundset in the final battle that he's had throughout the game, and prevents Saemon Havarian from mysteriously coming back to life in ToB if he died in SoA. The Altered Spells component changes three underpowered spells--Comet, Know Alignment, and Charm Animal--to be worth using. The Cleric Kits component grants clerical kits and strongholds according to the full alignment of the deity involved, and also permits monks a choice of strongholds. The Monk High Level Abilities component gives monks high level abilities suited for their class as an individual class, rather than lumping them in with fighters as an afterthought. The Holy Liberator paladin kit was created largely as a test to see if I could make a kit, and at the request of a friend.


You can view the complete ReadMe here.

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