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[BGEE] TIS file format

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The header structure is the same as in the original TIS format. The field 'Length of tile section' at offset 0x0C can be used to determine whether a tile is compressed in-place (value=5120/0x1400) or refers to external PVRZ resources (value=12/0x0C).


Tile data block:

Offset    Size    Description
0x0000    4       PVRZ page (Special: A value of -1/0xFFFFFFFF indicates to fill the whole tile with black pixels)
0x0004    4       PVRZ x coordinate
0x0008    4       PVRZ y coordinate


The filenames of the referenced PVRZ resources are made up from the first character of the TIS filename, the four digits of the area code, the optional 'N' from night tilesets and a zero-padded two digits page number, referenced in the tile data block.

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