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Saradas Magic [released-ITA/ENG]


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Hello, I just completed my first mod and released it on BG:EE forum (link HERE).


For now it's just in Italian language and i plan to translate it to english in the future.

It's been craeted using translation files, so i hope someone will help me translate it to other languages too!


The mod features a new un-joinable NPC that will interact in many ways with Bhaalspawn's group during the saga.

He will offer some services too, including a store with 7 exclusive new spells.


Not only this, I wanted to give mages' kits a unique feature, so I created 11 epic level skills, one for each kit, obtainable at one specific point in the game.



Saradas the archmage can be found inside the temple in the Friendly Arm Inn. He has esclusive dialogs, it's up to you to

explore all the possibilities :)

If you are more combat-oriented, I scripted him with an advanced AI that will offer a fearsome battle even to the veteran players.


Keep in mind that I plan to release this for BG2:EE, so these abilities will be quite overpowered in BG:EE.

The mod shines in the particular case you remove the xp cap, granting hundreds of new combinations to battle approach.


Enjoy :)

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