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Mages, Kits, and Spells


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Hello David,


I was wondering how you handle mage kits and their spells selection (I'm too lazy to check all your code at this moment)

Do you emphasis the kit's school over others like it is supposed to be in P&P? And of course, not using opposite school(s) spells

A necromancer would mostly have necromancy spells (50%+), even if it is sometimes less powerful than others : larloch minor drain, ghoul touch, horror, skull trap, ...


Of course, it really needs a spell mod like Spell Revisions to be efficient.


In the readme, you said for example that magic missile are definitly a pick over larloch minor drain. In vanilla, larloch is definitly very weak but in SR, it is quite better.

In BG1, a simple shield spell can protect you from magic missile, but it is a lot harder to protect from larloch minor drain.


A level 7 necromancer that could use a minor sequencer with 2 LMD could do some good damage and healing itself at the same time (well, it would probably be additionnal HP, which is all good).


What about wild mages? If an enemy is kitted as wild mage, will it has and use wild surge? I have tested this and it is quite fun to see!


Last question, do you handle sorcerer with your scripts?

It is something I have never seen yet, but I like the idea to fight sorcerer (in BG1 and BG2). I have experimented this myself and it is possible to code a sorcerer. Script are harder to manage but it is possible.


Maybe all this is a bit outside of your scope but I still wonder :)

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