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Lady Yuth missing


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Not sure IR would be the cause of this, but it's item/store related so I posted here.


She's the one who sells scrolls in the adventurer's mart.


I do have the SCS component 'delay bonus merchants' but she isn't the bonus one, that's Deirdre right?


Not sure what could be the reason for this and am just looking for some help.

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Her stock of scrolls have been moved to Deidre, and she herself can be found in the Temple District near the temple of Lathander during some hours.

Logic - her dialog implies she sells illegal goods, and such merchants are generally difficult to find in BG2.

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Thanks, it's a little problematic though, I wish the readme had stated this...I used SCS's component to delay the bonus merchants so now where can I get a decent scroll selection?


Also, point it out in case the readme does in fact state this and I'm being blind! I'm sure I didn't see mention of her specifically.

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@scorpio, I agree with you, we should mention such drastic changes either within the readme itself or providing there a ling to an online database similar to my huge Item Index. Unfortunately I currently don't have a full list of changes, but compiling it is in my to-do list (hoping that Arda can help me out though).

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