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Item Randomiser BG:EE, Wands for everyone


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Well as we haven't started yet there is no problem :)...


<Hum I have put scripts (two .CRE files in overide) for Dortea (and her companion senjack) to drop the items they carry - notably the elven chain... I'll assume this will interact fine with that.>


Random ahoy! And thanks again for being so wonderfully whispatious and a amazing!

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I'm now worried I have Done something wrong!

1) Ensure that you have exactly the same mods and components installed on both. Install Item Randomiser on computer A.



2)Copy the three files fl#randomseed.2da, fl#removeditems.2da and fl#randoptions.2da from the override directory of computer A to the override directory of computer B.

Well there was no fl#removeditems.2da file - I assume this was because I ran the mod with option one; generating in game in candlekeep.

Install Item Randomiser on computer B and choose to preserve saved-game compatibility (it'll ask during installation).

Neither time during instillation did it ask! (on my computer or on matt's) But it is installed on both


So I expect we will get different randomisations... My plan is to assume I should have used option 3 (Static install)... going to un-install and try again :-P


Yep! silly me didn't click we needed option 3! Doh! Thanks :)

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Hi Wisp,


O.k. so we've up and running - but I can confirm the scroll issue - we have only got to the Friendly Arm in and we are Awash with scrolls - the mage had 7, the hobgoblins have some and the chests contain them; Could this be tweaked your end easily? We are early enough in the game that we could restart.


Wands are not an issue however :)


I wondered if it was another mod, but Cannot find any reference to increasing scroll stacks in our others.


Thanks anyway!


God bless,



(@Wisp In case this helps you find the message :) )

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(other Mod's are BG Tweakpack, Rogues rebalancing, SCS, Wizard slayer rebalancing and aTweaks,.


Additionally if it is reasonable to have found 11 scrolls at the Friendly Arm in then that is fine! It might just be how the randomisation cookie has crumbled)

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O.k. so we've up and running - but I can confirm the scroll issue - we have only got to the Friendly Arm in and we are Awash with scrolls - the mage had 7, the hobgoblins have some and the chests contain them


I suspect it is fine.


Tarnesh has 4 scrolls and Item Randomiser gives him a few more. On second thought, he probably should not receive level 2 scrolls, so I'll remove him from that tier (which means at least one less scroll). Considering the 4 scrolls he normally has, perhaps he should also receive fewer level 1 scrolls.


Normal Hobgoblins are not touched by Item Randomiser. The game has its own rudimentary random-item system, which includes common scrolls among its possible rewards. Hobgoblins are beneficiaries, so you may find scrolls on them. Chests commonly contain minor scrolls, as well.

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Ok - Few! Having read that an over abundance of scrolls was a potential issue and then finding 11 straight of the bat we were worried :-) But I am glad it is not an oversite :)... Horray, not restarting again for us! thank you Wisp


As for taking a 2nd level scroll from him - probably a good idea; its an extra 100 early gold (or wining a fight easily); given that he doesnt try and cast his scrolls when he is out of spells it's just bonus for the party.

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Still getting a huge amounts of scrolls and wands with BG:EE and randomiser v6.8... inventory management has become a nightmare! I have like 120 charges of wand of the heavens and a stack of 15 chaos scrolls.

Did I download an old version of this mod or something?

Yes, I'm afraid 6.8 (which is the version you find on the front page) is technically old, and not technically compatible with BG:EE, even. The latest quote version unquote is found here.

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