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Add explore outside areas to Tweak pack?


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First of all, I noticed the Friendly random drops -component is not part of any categories in the installer. That is, if you answer no to every "Would you like to display the content from x" you are asked if you want to install Friendly random drops. It should probably belong to the convenience/cheats category.


But anyway, it seems strange to me that the outside areas in the game are covered by the fog of war. I mean, the characters should see a little? An if they are from Easthaven, how can they not know the layout? Also, in Kuldahar you can ask people about the tree and the crashed ship, even if you have not seen it due to fog of war.


So I like to remove the black fog of war by editing the map scripts before I start the game. Perhaps this could be added to the tweak pack? Similar component exists in Planescape: Torment tweak pack.


I know how to remove it by manually editing the scripts with Nearinfinity. But it's tedious especially if you reinstall the game every now and then. How could this be automated? I don't know how to create Weidu mods, but people here do know, so could someone tell me how to Weidu this, for my own use for now?


I simply added a line to certain location in all relevant scripts, is this a good way to implement this? The Explore() line below:













I wrote a list of the locations which I use when I reinstall the game, .BCS files:


ar1000 easthaven

ar1001 inside easthaven temple

ar1100 altered easth

ar1200 orc cave outside

ar2000 Goblin valley

ar2001 goblin valley 2

ar2100 kuldahar

ar3000 vale of shadows

ar3001 yeti cave

ar3600 forgotten god outside

ar4000 outside dragon eye

ar5000 outside seldanen

ar5101 destroyed tower

ar5404 top of tower spiders

ar5502 bridge in tower

ar6000 outside dwarf caves


ar7005 salamander


ar9100 how city

ar9200 barbarian camp

ar9300 burial isle

ar9500 some ice place

ar9600 some island

ar9700 castle forgotten

ar9709 castle forgotten



There. Hopefully someone can help.

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I'd be ever so happy to see the fog of war removed in all areas, too, both in Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale - it would make my personal experience of the game so much more comfortable.


EDIT: Not very familiar with OnCreation() thingy, but I thought there could be only one OnCreation? So probably something like


Global("MyPrefixMyvariable","MYAREA",0) // don't remember whether MYAREA works in IWD, though







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Actually, I meant help with how to Weidu the thing. My version does work, but it means editing all those scripts manually each time the files are edited. I know the .bcs syntax, but I don't know how to use Weidu to do the task. How is that done?


Edit: Wait, was your version Weidu syntax already? I thought initially that it was .bcs syntax.


If that works, how do I actually run it, so it updates the files?

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