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Companions leave permanently when kicked out [SOLVED]


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I recently started an easytutu fueled playthrough of the game (My third trilogy-run). However, sometime after clearing the Nashkel mines I have encountered quite an irritating problem. Despite having NPC project, happypatch from the tweakpack and other party-angst-mtiigators Branwen, Edwin and Xan leave the party permanently if I kick them out. In Branwen's and Xan's case they could be sent to the friendly arm inn one time before developing this "mood" but I never kicked out Edwin even once.


I have done the Edwin quest to the fullest, and I even romanced Branwen (I wanted to see the Dynaheir/Branwen conflict). However, I felt Branwens contribution was done with so I let her go and picked up Xan, but then wanted to switch him out again and then he presented this problem.


I have tried with shadowkeeper to modify my reputation to 10, change my alignment to true neutral and deleting Xan's "kickedout" variable but nothing works. Is there ANY way to solve this? Branwen is forever lost, and I'm contemplating respawning the characters after they leave but since their psychology has worked previously (Both Xan and Branwen was sent to friendly arm one time where I could pick them up) I feel there should be a way to solve this. It is a real dampener on the game since I love switching out companions and bring the "right bunch" for certain encounters so this problem is extremely limiting. Right now I stand before Xan's personal quest from the NPC-project but the party is a bit below par to manage that fight so I want to kick out Xan and do some other adventuring before trying it again.


WOuld be really grateful if someone with insight or perhaps experience of this problem could help me, I googled on the matter previously but couldn't find anything helpful. The fact that I can't find any relevant shadowkeeper variables is very peculiar, in my experience that has solved basically everything in previous playthroughs.


Edit: I did hit a reputation of 19 somewhere around where the problems started, that might be the problem, but I if that was the case then reseting the reputation should fix it.




While modifying my reputation in shadowkeeper didn't work, I killed an innocent farmer in Beregost, resulting in a brutal 10-rep hit. After that, both Edwin and Xan were happy enough to stick around despite me dismissing them.


Really weird problem, is there a specific component of the tweak pack that hinders this sort of behaviour? I also wonder how the hell I am supposed to play the game now, although it might be slightly amusing to find an innocent victim to slay anytime I want to rearrange my party-composition.


Edit: Note however that it wasn't enough to just lower reputation below 19 once the partymember was pissed, because I tried that. Apparently the reputation had to go low enough for the partymember to not be angry anymore. My attempts to mod the problems away killed party initiated dialogues as well as my romance with Dynaheir so I will install it from scratch now and just avoid hitting 19 in rep. I guess thats the price to pay to get hilarious interactions with Edwin and his ilk.

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I've sort of written some of Xan's and Branwen's content, so I should be knowledgeable, but I'm not quite sure what to advise you, because

1) you said modifying reputation didn't work(and in my games, it really did - Xan just stays in place and waits for you patiently if your rep is about 12);

2) there's a lovely component "NPCs wait in inns", but you probably have it installed and I understand your problem is neutral chars leaving at extremely high reputation, right?


Okay, then I can only say this: if the character's already LEFT FOREVAHHH you can't do anything. If he's still is in your party and you want to kick him out, save, change your reputation to 10 and try it again - should work.

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Nope doesn't work, both Edwin and Xan leaves despite me modifying rep to 10. Yes I do indeed have the "send to taverns" modification and now I noticed that when asking companions to stand and wait in a current location they threaten to leave instead if I do not send them to a tavern or keep them in the group. I'm still wondering if the problem is from the core game itself at least in Edwins case since I read that if you wait to do his Dynaheir quest he gets pissed. But I'm still perplexed why there is no form of variable.


Also I forgot, Kagain left earlier too. I didn't do his caravan quest to any extent and he was pissed and left. All the behaviour of people leaving seem similar but it seems that I can kick out Dynaheir, Kivan, Minsc, Imoen and others how many times I want, and since my rep is high and I am neutral good that seems like a connection.


Edit: Hmm reading the rules for Baldurs Gate I feel the type of mod I installed might be the problem. I installed the component that meant NPCs could be angry but never leave the group. It definetly seems reputation would be the trigger, but still can't fathom why lowering reputation doesn't solve anything.


Edit: I reloaded a much earlier game wher I recently acquired Xan. Then my reputation was 17 so I modified it to 20. Xan comments on this increase in a npc-project banter but afterwards I can kick him out and recruit him as many times as I want. However I was neutral evil at that time (Since I wanted to delay the Branwen and Dynaheir romances until both were in my party). However even though I switched alignments and raised reputation Xan still stays in the group. I have NO idea what the trigger was for the NPCs to behave this way. The one interesting factor is that in this earlier save, Xan does NOT have the kickedout variable, which he have in my latest save. I thought deleting it was the right way to go but alas, he still leaves.

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