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Seeking Voice Actress (And Misc. Help) for NPC


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Hello all,


Newbe here. :)


(Yes, you might've seen this post other places. I am getting just slightly desperate at this point so I am posting at every modding forum I can find. :) Forgive me if I am breaking a rule.)




For the past six months I have been banging my head against my desk, striving to learn not only how to do an NPC but how to use the tools that ENABLE one to make an NPC. MAJOR learning curve but I have gotten through thus far with A LOT of help and advice from modders who are more "in the know" as to what they are doing than moi.


Anyway, I am at about 80% of complete and I am at the stage now where I need to start thinking about voicing my NPC mod "October Chill". I am looking for a lady who knows how to voice act in character.


October (Tobi) is a dimension hopping ranger type and a card carrying member of an adventuring group called The Silver Blades. She is a little bit of a s*** disturber and slightly a smart ass at times, but loyal to the group and has a good heart.


I am thinking she needs, perhaps, a slight accent, but anyone who can voice "In Character" will do.


Please, if you're interested, PM me or drop me a line here.


Also, more than likely I will be asking a bunch of "How-to" type questions, and hoping that y'all might be able to help me out. :)


With respect and thanx



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