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Request for IWD random loot remover


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I'm making a request that either a 4th option be added to the 'Friendly Random Drops' component of the 'Convinience Tweaks' section in the 'IWD Tweak Pack', or a seperate mod entirely be made, that causes all possible random loot pieces be available from their source.


I hate this RNG loot system, it is not fun, and even the current work-arounds offered in the tweak pack are not enough. I don't care how game breaking or OP it may be, and I have little care for immersion. I want to enjoy the game, and to me that means not being denied an item through chance and limitation, or knowing that because I chose this item, those other items are now denied to me.

Even an alteration to the vendor in Kuldahar would be awesome. Give me the option to outright buy all the other items I could have possibly received, instead of replacing the item I did get, once, and never again.

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