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Tutufix hits version 6!


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In a recent flurry of activity, Tutu activists were recently seen updating the fixpack to version six. When asked for comment, local man, Ben Evastion, exclaimed, "It's got that thar Temple of Bhaal bug fixed!"

"An' the Totemic Druid's summoned critters have been balanced!"

"An' the Monster/Animal summoning spells are more like in BG1!"

"An' cleric NPCs now have all thar spells like they should!"

"An'... an'... and LOTS MORE, I says!"


A local police chief who wished to remain anonymous confided, "You can download Tutufix v6 here."


When we phoned his office, SimDing0 was unavailable for comment, probably because he doesn't have an office, but this reporter is confident enough to state that the forums can be reached here.


Other sources have mentioned a possibe connection between these Tutu extremists and the Tutufix readme, which gives instructions and details on how to install the fix, and what it changes.

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