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Supported and unsupported installs

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I officially support:


- Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

- Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition

- Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

- Enhanced Edition Trilogy

- Original Baldur's Gate II, with Throne of Bhaal and the BG2 Fixpack mod

- EasyTutu, including Tales of the Sworde Coast

- Baldur's Gate Trilogy, with the BG2 Fixpack mod


I do an install-test of the mod on these whenever I do a major update. My primary target these days is the Enhanced Editions but I don't anticipate stopping support for the older versions as long as they're widely used.

I don't do install tests on vanilla BG1 TUTU (including Tales of the Sword Coast, plus TUTUfix), if only to keep my workload under control, but I'll probably be helpful fixing problems with it if they're not too difficult.

I no longer support BGT or vanilla BG2 without the Fixpack (SCS will refuse to install unless it is present).

I don't currently support IWD:EE; this may change at some point.

I don't, and never will, support original BG, or vanilla BG2 without Throne of Bhaal, or (Easy)Tutu without ToTSC, or vanilla IWD.



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