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Aerie in BG:EE


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Aerie in BG:EE




When BG:EE came out, I decided shortly afterwards to have a go at modding the game. And the above was the first thing I ever did... kind of. When I first wrote it, I got so carried away by all the exciting new things I could do and at seeing my own text in the game that I put quite a lot of really silly and pointless banter. So just recently I dug it up, trimmed and polished it a bit.


It's really a very small mod that adds a little cameo appearance of Aerie at the Nashkel fair (in BG2 she says the circus used to go there, so it was no stretch). I had originally being considering adding a few other cameos of BG2 NPC's into BG1, I guess, yes, to serve as an introduction to those characters. Like coming across and her old party somewhere, or Keldorn and/or Anomen out on a quest. But, then BG2:EE came out and I'm afraid I just lost interest in doing that.


As far as Aerie in BG1 goes, there is one little scene I'm in the middle of writing to happen a bit after you help her, but otherwise I don't really have any further plans for this mod right now.

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I just added a little scene and a fight if you return to the fair a couple days after helping Aerie find her boots. There'll be a new character that appears outside her tent (but only at night) you can talk to. Here's a screen shot:




But that's it. I'm really not going to be doing any more with this one. Although maybe I'll give a prize to anyone who can identify the song Aerie is singing.

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Star Trek theme. :)


Correct! Your prize is... the lyrics in full:



The rim of the star-light

My love

Is wand'ring in star-flight

I know

He'll find in star-clustered reaches


Strange love a star woman teaches.

I know

His journey ends never

His star trek

Will go on forever.

But tell him

While he wanders his starry sea

Remember, remember me...'


Yeah, not a great song. But Gene Roddenberry only wrote lyrics because the music composer, Alexander Courage, had agreed to a deal that Gene would get half the performance royalties if he did. So he did. The lyrics have never been used in the show, and Courage never worked for Roddenberry again.

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