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Mod 'Permissions'?


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Open Finder, and press Cmd+Shift+U, search for an Application named Terminal in that folder open it and type in ``cd ''. Then go back to Finder and get your game's path (for example, my IwD:EE is on /Applications/Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition/Game Data/00799/IcewindDale.app/Contents/Resources), press enter and type in ``chmod 755 setup-modname'' where modname is the name of the mod's folder (which should always be in the directory with the chitin.key), press enter and type ``./setup-modname'' and press enter again. That should open WeiDU to install the mod you want.

If there isn't a "setup-modname" file, get the latest version of WeiDU from here, take out form the WeiDU-Mac folder the executable named weidu and place it in the folder with the chitin.key.

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