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PPG: Reunion MOD is available!


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Return of the Evil Majordomo!
Lady Delcia's ghost!
Answers from Alianna and Gorion!
A SECRET adversary!
Angry succubi and more!


There is a new mod in town!

Do you want to see Gorion again? Talk to your mother? Return to Nalia's castle, thwart the plans ot the Evil Majordomo, solve little people's problems, fight demons and meet a surprisingly candid antagonist who also keeps voluminous diaries?

Then Reunion is the mod for you! It starts in Amkethran, in Chapter 9 of the Throne of Bhaal, when Nalia de'Arnise approaches you with distressing news. The de'Arnise Keep is once again in danger, and Nalia and her people need your help. This Throne of Bhaal adventure brings you toe-to-toe with a mysterious attacker, and gives you a chance to ask some tough questions of at least a couple of your parents. The perfect BG2 stocking stuffer.


Learn more and download the mod at http://www.pocketplane.net/reunion

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