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Download links and installation instructions


Download: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/EET


Initialise EET (setup-EET)


Core EET component requires "clean" BG2:EE installation with latest patch (currently v2.3.67.3). Translations and voice-overs are of course allowed but installing other (especially larger) mods that changes DLG and BCS files, before EET, may cause problems with later patching, so it's better to keep the installation as clean as possible.


The BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear installation (patch v2.3.67.3 is required) should be either "clean" installation or with any combination of mods listed in this forum topic (fist part of the post only).


If you use Steam or GOG version of Siege of Dragonspear than you first need to use modmerge tool in your BG:EE + SoD directory. This utility released by Beamdog merges your Steam/GOG zip based DLC into something WeiDU can use. It only affects above mentioned platforms - you don't need to use it if you bought the game on Beamdog store.


At least 4.66 GB free space is needed during installation. For virtual memory purposes, at least 500MB-1GB+ (depending on your operating system) more free disk space is recommended during installation. Once the installation is complete EET modification occupies at least 2.55 GB. Mods installed on BG:EE previous to installing EET on BG2:EE obviously increase free disk space requirements.


It is recommended that you disable virus scanners, spyware scanners, and other background on-the-fly file scanners during the installation. These programs have been known in some cases to interfere with the WeiDU installation process.


Installation within Program Files or Program Files (x86) is not recommended due to the potential for O/S related issues (e.g. UAC trouble). Unless you are sure that you have full UAC permissions consider moving BG:EE and BG2:EE outside this directory (the game is DRM free, so there are no problems with doing so).


EET is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a compressed archive. Extract the contents of the archive and move them to your BG2:EE game folder. Your game folder should then contain a EET folder and setup-EET.exe file. To initialize installation, double-click setup-EET.exe and follow the instructions on screen.


Finalize EET (setup-EET_end)


After the core component is installed, your game folder should then contain additional setup-EET_end.exe file. Only the last setup-EET_end.exe component is REQUIRED. It should be installed AFTER ALL OTHER MODS (at least after any mod that modifies dialogues, so for example EET Tweaks can be installed later, but to be sure always try to keep it at the end of your installation order, even if other readme files says otherwise).


setup-EET_end overall offers 3 components:

  • Update old saves to work with new installation - OPTIONAL - refer to F.A.Q. for more info. Notice that if you're using optional BP-BGT Worldmap mod this component must be installed AFTER it.
  • Alternative GUI (SoD) - OPTIONAL - swaps the in-game BG2:EE GUI with the GUI imported from SoD expansion.
  • Finalize EET - REQUIRED - finalizes the EET installation (required before starting the game).

Once the final EET component is installed and you decide to integrate more mods you can safely uninstall it by running setup-EET_end.exe and than install it again once you are satisfied with your mod selection. No problems with reinstalling it too.

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