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G3 Welcomes Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) and Associated Mods!


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G3 is proud to announce its support for the ambitious mod project, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET), currently under development by K4thos, White Agnus, and CrevsDaak.

Enhanced Edition Trilogy
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) is a modification for BGII: Enhanced Edition that merges the whole saga into one game and provides continuity between the events of Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Shadows of Amn, Throne of Bhaal and the upcoming Siege of Dragonspear expansion.

EET Tweaks
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) is a modification that offers several optional tweaks for Infinity Engine games. Most of the tweaks are designed specifically for EET, but some are more universal and will work with different games and IE engine versions.

IWD-in-EET is an add-on for EET that brings the entirety of Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, along with some Icewind Dale 2 content, into the world of Baldur's Gate.

You can learn more about these exciting mods by visiting the links below.

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