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Xan's quest NPC soundset


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Minor issue, purely cosmetic, but the female elven captive Siene that Xan rescues has a male soundset. It's somewhat amusing ("Sweet, we just rescued 3 beautiful elven women... hey, is that a guy?!) but since she's the only NPC out of the 3 rescued ones that seems to have a soundset that triggers, might be worth fixing.

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That's odd. Her soundset should be the same as the other captives.


Checking the original CREs in the install, they do have a few string references to 53666, which in BG2 is a male elf sound. But, those should be set to -1 by the source_cre_sound_cleanup macro. Sounds like the macro did not work.


There is an error in the soundsets for all three captives. The SELECT_COMMON1 sound is set to an un-voiced string (but not a male soundset). The HURT and DYING sounds should be using the ELF FEMALE soundset, and the other sounds should be set to -1 by a macro during installation.

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