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I'm installing Tweaks for the first time and reading the documentation at the same time. My game is BG2EE v2.3. I have some questions:


  • Why is there an option to change Nalia's avatar from a mage to a thief? She swapped to mage early on, her thief part is almost irrelevant when you meet her.
  • A number of components which are offered during installation seem to be irrelevant for BG2EE because they are already a part of the game:
    • Force all dialogue to pause.
    • Bonus merchants.
    • Sensible Entrance Points: Radiant Heart Order.
  • Some parts of the documentation are not understandable for non seasoned players. Any chance to get simpler descriptions?
    • More Interjections.
    • Shapeshifter Rebalancing
    • ToB-Style NPCs
  • Maximum HP Creatures: The description is unclear. The third option is "Non-Joinable NPCs only". Does this apply to creatures that are not NPCs, like trolls, dragons, etc.?


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