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I have a Soundset, (Cam Clarke in Tales of Symphonia) but don't know where to post it


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This is the result of a passion project of mine I've been working in for the past five months. I wanted to use Cam Clarke's (who did do voice work for BG1&2, including three player character soundsets) great performance in Tales of Symphonia as the "mercenary" Kratos for a Baldur's Gate series play through; so I extracted all the sound files from the steam version of the game to create the highest audio quality soundset. It took quite a while, sorting through all the thousands of sound files and labeling them, but now its finished. I managed to get natural lines for all the BG2 player characters, including thief and mage players, as well as one environmental comment for dungeons (transcript below).

I'm here to ask some advice of were I should post and host it in the community to share it with most people. If there is enough positive feedback I might be willing to make more soundsets based on the rest of characters, but given the hours of work it takes I need to now its available to people who can enjoy it.

Here is the download link:


Here is a transcript of the soundset quotes:

Selection: f, g, h, 0

Kratosf: Yes?

Kratosg: What now?

Kratosh: Well then.

Kratos0: What do you want to do?

Action: i, j, k, s, t, u, v, (_)

Kratosi: Indeed.

Kratosj: I'll handle this.

Kratosk: As you wish.

Kratoss: I have no objections.

Kratost: I'll show how it's done.

Kratosu: I concur.

Kratosv: Then I shall go.

Kratos_: I Suppose.

Rare Action: x, y

Kratosx: In order to change something, you must do it yourself.

Kratosy: We've come this far already.

Attack: a, 8, 9

Kratosa: Give them no quarter!

Kratos8: Take them down quickly!

Kratos9: I’m not going to hold back this time.

Become Leader: b

Kratosb: You'd best stand behind me.

Tired: c

Kratosc: Time to set up camp then.

Bored: d

Kratosd: We should get moving.

Near Death: e

Kratose: I will not fall so easily.

Take Damage: l

Kratosl: Uwh!

Dead: m

Kratosm: Nooo...

Critical: z

Kratosz: Judgement!

Miss: 1

Kratos1: This is absurd.

Weapon Ineffective: 2

Kratos2: It’s not working!

Full Inventory: 3

Kratos3: Isn’t that enough?

Pickpocket: 4

Kratos4: You shall have it.

Sneak: 5

Kratos5: Exactly...

Spell Failed: 6

Kratos6: I’ve failed.

Set Trap: 7

Kratos7: Trap. . . ready.

A Friend Dies: w

Kratosw: I won’t let you die!

In Dungeon: p

Kratosp: This area is too confined; it would be wise not to linger.

IDWEE Rare Select: #

Kratos#: I still have something I must do.

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