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  1. @subtledoctor I'm actually studying your Kensai revision, since it does use a script to apply a kit, after using a script to initiate a dialogue choice. I've been able to locate the relevant files (Spl, script, cre) files that initiate dialogue that begins the choice, but I wonder if you could help point me to the relevant script and creature files that apply the respective (weapon) kit change once the dialogue decision had been taken? That is what names shoud be looking for .BCS and .CRE, since all I could disover, so far, was D5_KENF.CRE and D5D5_KENF.BCS, which I assume is used to "create" the dialogue choice?
  2. @subtledoctor As a followup to Jan's recommendation, are there any of specific class or kits among your major mods you would recommend I look at if I want to examine this pseudo summon scripting? Moreover, have any of your mods ever used a kit changes script?
  3. Could someone point to some mods or other examples that use this kind of scripting? That way I can study them and try to get a grasp upon the mechanics.
  4. I have another question, though this one requires something of a preface. A kit can be applied to a character at any time using utilities like EEkeeper; in fact a character can even retain a kit for a class different than their own, for example, a Fighter could have the Assassin Kit applied to him, and, even though it will not effect his fighter levels in any way, the game will remember that said character has that kit. Then if that fighter chooses to dual classes into a thief, rather than becoming a True-Class thief, he will start his second class as an Assassin, with all of it's unique class features and restrictions intact, and then will continue the game as a Fighter x / Assassin x dual. It is an interesting engine feature that I'm surprised has never been utilized in the main game. With that said, my question is how is the most direct way to apply a kit to a character, preferably via an opcode? I know there are opcodes to change alignment, sex, level, etc.
  5. In regards to certain spells that vary in effectiveness depending on the level of the target (ie death spells, certain HLAs, etc., I think maybe Tenser's T) is there any difference if a target is a Level 15 Mage or a Level 2 Fighter/ Level 15 Mage? To put it another way, would that 2 Fighter Levels have any effect the character (besides the obvious fighter skills), vs the same character that is a pure mage? In regards to the summons, I wanted specifically to know how to make a summon that follows the party from map to map. And, moreover, can one make a summon that follows from room to room but still has a limited summon duration?
  6. Within the item files there are options to delineate the Item properties: Silver, Cold-Iron, and Adamantine. Does anyone have an in-depth guide/list to what these actually do in IE engine when applied to an item? And, in regards to overcoming defenses, how do they compare to the “Magical” property? Are they any way similar to how these materials work in 3e, in regards to Devils, Demons, Fey, and damage reduction? Next I want to ask some questions about dual-classed characters, specifically in regards to how their level is recognized by the game. I know caster level is determined by each respective class, but in regards to spells and attacks that detect “Hit Dice”, I’ve heard a dual classed character’s HD is determined by the average between the two classes, that is First Class Level + Second Class Level, divided by two. Is that true? The next thing I want to ask is, with a Dual-Classed character, how does the game “read” said character’s level in regards to scaling New NPCs as well as level-scaled enemies/challenges: does the game simply use the higher of the Dual-Classed character’s two levels, or does it actually add the two together? Next I want to ask how a summoning spell determines the status of the summoned creature, in regards to whether it is friendly, hostile, neutral, controlled, etc; but more importantly how it is determined whether a creature can follow the party from map to map (like a familiar) or is stuck in the map it is summoned (like a normal summon)? Is that determined in the spell file or the creature file, and what are the different options?
  7. I changed behavior to increment, (+2) which sets the wearer to 4, which works for my purposes. So now the item effect works.
  8. I know it is not working because I made "Two weapon Style" 1-3 pips have a -2 damage penalty to the offhand, while 4 pips has none. If I add the 4 pips manually (via eekeeper) it works, that is the offhand damage penalty disappears. For some reason, however, If I try to apply the 4 pips via opcode 233 (via an item) it does not work. The item effect code seems to properly function, however, if I change the "Proficiency:" line to a weapon (like clubs) the item applies the pips.
  9. Yes it is EE and the code does work when equipped, sometimes. The code itself is based off of one of Weimar's clubs that changes club proficiency to 5. Interestingly when it is set to Clubs, it works.
  10. A new problem arose, unrelated to weidu, involving using the opcode 233 (Modify proficiencies) on an item as a effect. I tried adding this item effect to Montolio's Cloak: Type: Modify proficiencies (233) Target: Self (1) Power: 0 # stars: Active class: 4, Original class: 0 Proficiency: PROFICIENCY2WEAPON - 114 Behavior: Set if higher (0) Timing mode: Instant/While equipped - 2 Dispel/Resistance: Natural/Nonmagical (0) Duration: 0 Probability 1: 100 Probability 2: 0 Unused: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 h # dice thrown/maximum level: 0 Dice size/minimum level: 0 Save type: ( No save ) Save bonus: 0 Special: 0 What it should do is raise "Two weapon Style" to 4 pips (for reference, I added a functional 4th level to 2 Weapon style), while the item is equipped. But for some reason this does not seem to work. The code itself is based on some of Wiemar's items which increase proficiency values with weapons. Does anyone know why this is not working? To clear out some obvious answers, the 4th level of "Two weapon Style" works properly if given to a character via EEkeeper, and opcode (233) does apparently work with "Two weapon Style", as applying it as an effect in EEkeeper to a character does produce the desired effect (4 pips in Two Weapon style). Anyone?
  11. I can't get anything following this: COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ COUNT_2DA_COLS cols READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW ~r2en_kitlist~ cols FOR (row = 2; row < r2en_kitlist; row += 1) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER ~r2en_kitlist~ row 5 class_ab READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER ~r2en_kitlist~ row 8 class_num PATCH_IF (class_num == 12) OR (class_num == 18) BEGIN // rangers DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY d5_rangers_array BEGIN "%class_ab%" => "%class_num%" END END END BUT_ONLY . . .to work. Perhaps I'm mistaken about "blah". I used this following it: ACTION_PHP_EACH ranger_kit AS clab => %class_num% BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%clab%.2da~ BEGIN APPEND ~%clab%.2da~ ~ABILITYXT AP_XTRNGOF~ UNLESS ~ABILITYXT~ END END But nothing was patched.
  12. The last thing I need to do at the moment is finish coding a function that will append an ability to all Ranger Clab files, and do so for any kits added. At the moment I use this to account for the base class ACTION_FOR_EACH ~file~ IN ~clabrn01~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~%file%.2da~ BEGIN APPEND ~%file%.2da~ ~ABILITYXT AP_XTRNGOF~ UNLESS ~ABILITYXT~ END END But I can't manage to figure out how to put together the code that will read the ranger kitlist and then "Append" to all the relevant Clab files. Examining a few other mods, I imagine part of it (the read part) could function like: COPY_EXISTING ~kitlist.2da~ ~override~ COUNT_2DA_COLS cols READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW ~r2en_kitlist~ cols FOR (row = 2; row < r2en_kitlist; row += 1) BEGIN READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER ~r2en_kitlist~ row 5 [?] READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER ~r2en_kitlist~ row 8 class_num PATCH_IF (class_num == 12) OR (class_num == 18) BEGIN // rangers DEFINE_ASSOCIATIVE_ARRAY d5_rangers_array BEGIN "%[?]%" => "%class_num%" END END END END BUT_ONLY But the [?] parts I'm unsure about, nor do I know how to make the proper "connections" between the read function and the Append code.
  13. So looking over the list: it appears that "XT" is available, but at the moment it seems that registering (or any communication) with BWL is impossible, so could someone register it for me? I've published several mods already, [ 3.5 Edition/ Pathfinder style Tweaks Collection (thac0, Constitution, hit dice) ], but now I'm approaching the point in my work where I'm going to start adding new files to the game, rather than just patching existing files.
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