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Borderless full screen worldmap : unable to make it work


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I'm trying to use some of the EET Tweaks and everything works but the borderless full screen worldmap. I tried the 3 options (16/9, 4/3 and native resolution 1920x1200 with scale user interface off).

It changes nothing unfortunately. I tried each time the scaled and unscaled user interface. I tried to uninstall the tweaks to reinstall it, but with no success.

The setup of eet tweaks never gives me an error but seems a little bit weird :

- sometimes it says "Copying and patching 1 file" then "SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Borderless full screen worldmap"

- sometimes it modifies 1000 files then "SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Borderless full screen worldmap"


I'm using these tweaks : consistent npc appearance bg2, remove junk code, restore totsc textscreens.

I don't want to use BP-BGT Worldmap, the one coming with EET is awesome, but I play with unscaled interface and the map looks quite small.

Anyone have an idea ?

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