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ObjCreature.cpp question


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Hello there,

I have a very weird problem that I for some reason am not able to figure out.


The problem comes from a NPC from the mod "I shall never forget" (not a problem with this mod per se!) which I installed in combination with other mods. The NPC "Heartwarden of Sune" received "Kiel's Helmet" (from BG1 SoTS) due to the Item Randomiser mod, I however did not like that and removed that helmet from this NPC via a normal Shadowkeeper operation (also tried it via NearInfnity).


Sadly, when doing so and then loading an area where the NPC is located, the game always crashes with this error code:

ObjCreature.cpp at line number 12349

I tried to change the appearance of this character to other creatures, animals or NPC's, but the game still crashes without this item in her head slot.


Giving this character new items also crashes the game.


What is the cause of this?


Shadowkeeper probably was the cultprit.


Downloaded the newest NearInfinity today and tried editing the character again. No problems this time. Wew...

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