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Issue with BG1NPC PiDs only showing up, despite multiple mods


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I'm running an EET build. I'm almost totally finished with BG2 at this point, but I've run into a bit of a hiccup.


I've got mods on that fully require PIDs to function (Imoen Romance, for example). I'm pretty sure (although not positive) that the PiDs from the bg1npc project are essentially overiding my options for those PID conversations.


Does that sound familiar, and would anyone know of a solution? With as many mods as I have installed, I'm a bit worried about just trying to uninstall bg1npc (although I dont think it's really doing anything for me anymore, since I'm so far into the game).


As a side note - my thoughts on why this looks to be bg1npc's PIDS relates to the fact that the only characters I'm able to do any PID with are BG 1 characters (Jaheira, Viconia, Imoen, Edwin but not Korgan - for example).

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