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EET_converter suggestions


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I have used the EET_converter a lot and i have suggestions

- adding an 'input' and 'output' folder would make understanding how it work easier

- converting mod using the choise 5 (using cpmvars) should be recommanded and written in the submenu 'use the choice 5' that way the compatibility with the other patform is keeped

- when converting mod using cpmvars, the EET_converter should put the require library in a 'lib' folder

- it's still time to give those libraries a coherent naming convention : something like
cpmvars_name of the game:


- why not make the EET_modConverter awailable as standalone (now it's hidden in the 'other' folder and hard to find, but don't removed it from the eet main release)

- You should pin a post to explain howto use the EET_converter because it's finaly very easy for the modder to convert their mod to work on all plaform with cpmvars



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